J.-C. Attias cité dans The New Yorker, au fil d’un article sur… les Mormons!

Les travaux de Jean-Christophe Attias (en fait son dernier ouvrage, Les Juifs et la Bible, Fayard, 2012) cités par Adam Gopnik, dans les colonnes de The New Yorker (13 août 2012), au fil d’un article… sur les Mormons: « Mormonism’s History and Meanings »:

Some holy texts, the Gospels, for instance, are evangelical instruments meant to convert people who read them; others are sacred objects meant to be venerated. The Book of Mormon is a book of the second sort. As the French religious historian Jean-Christophe Attias points out, in traditional Judaism the physical presence of the Scripture is at least as important as its content: when the Torah is unrolled during the service, it’s meant to be admired, not apprehended. That the Mormons had a book of their own counted for almost as much as what the Book of Mormon said.

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